Run UI test by Appium with RSpec

Supported platforms ios, android
Author @yonekawa

1 Example

  app_path:  "appium/apps/",
  spec_path: "appium/spec",
  platform:  "iOS",
  caps: {
    versionNumber: "9.1",
    deviceName:    "iPhone 6"
  appium_lib: {
    wait: 10


Key Description Default
platform Appium platform name
spec_path Path to Appium spec directory
app_path Path to Appium target app file
invoke_appium_server Use local Appium server with invoke automatically true
host Hostname of Appium server
port HTTP port of Appium server 4723
appium_path Path to Appium executable
caps Hash of caps for Appium::Driver
appium_lib Hash of appium_lib for Appium::Driver

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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