Bamboo Integration

Repository setup

In bamboo under Linked Repositories (where you configure your git repo) under Advanced Settings is an option called Exclude changesets

This dialog will allow you to enter a regular expression that if a commit matches, a build will not be triggered.

For example, if your Fastfile is configured to make a commit message in the style of

Build Version bump by fastlane to Version [0.3] Build [8]

Then you could use the following regex to ignore these commits

^.*Build Version bump by fastlane.*$

Setting repository remote

By default bamboo will do an anonymous shallow clone of the repo. This will not preserve the git remote information nor the list of tags. If you are using bamboo to create commits you may want to use a code block similar to the following:

# In prep for eventually committing a version/build bump - set the git params
sh('git config "<COMMITTER USERNAME>"')
sh('git config <COMITTER EMAIL>')

# Bamboo does an anonymous checkout so in order to update the build versions must set the git repo URL
git_remote_cmd = 'git remote set-url origin ' + ENV['bamboo_repository_git_repositoryUrl']

Speeding up build times with carthage

Carthage is a wonderful dependency manager but once you are start using a large number of frameworks, things can start to slow down, especially if your CI server has to run carthage EVERY time you check in a small line of code.

One way to make build times faster is to break your work up into two separate build plans (this can get even more funky if you start having multiple branches)

The general idea is to make a build plan: Project - Artifacts that builds the Carthage directory and stores it as a shared artifact. Then you create a second build plan Project - Fastlane that pulls down the Carthage directory and runs fastlane.

Artifact Plan

Use a simple setup to create this build plan. First off you want to make sure this plan is manually triggered only - because you only need to run it whenever the Cartfile changes as opposed to after ever single commit. It could also be on a nightly build perhaps if you desire.

Stages / Jobs / Tasks

This plan consists of 1 Job, 1 Stage and 2 Tasks

  • Task 1: Source Code Checkout
  • Task 2: Script (carthage update)

Artifact definitions

Create a shared artifact with the following info:

  • Name: CarthageFolder
  • Location: (leave blank)
  • Copy Pattern: Carthage/Build/**

Optional: You may want to automatically make the fastlane plan trigger whenever this plan is built

fastlane plan

When configuring fastlane to run in this setup you need to make sure that you are not calling either:

reset_git_repo(force: true)



as these calls will either fail the build or delete the Carthage directory. Additionally you want to remove any carthage tasks from inside your Fastfile as carthage is now happening externally to the build.

Build plan setup

What this build plan does is it checks out the source code, then it downloads the entire Carthage/Build/ directory into your local project - which is exactly what would be created from carthage bootstrap and then it runs fastlane

  • Task 1: Source Code Checkout
  • Task 2: Artifact Download
  • Task 3: fastlane