Local actions

You can create your own actions to extend the functionality of fastlane for your project. The action you create will behave exactly like the built in actions.

Just run fastlane new_action, enter the name of the action and edit the generated Ruby file in fastlane/actions/[action_name].rb. After you finished writing your action, add it to your version control, so it is available for your whole team.

From then on, you can just use your action in your Fastfile, just like any other action.

Submitting the action to the fastlane main repo

Please be aware we may not accept all actions submitted to be bundled with fastlane. Before you submit a pull request adding the action to the fastlane code base, submit an issue proposing the new action and why it should be built-in.

In general we tend to accept actions that

  • Generally usable for a big majority of developers (e.g. basic interactions with git)
  • Solve pain points for mobile app developers (iOS and Android)
  • have an easy to read documentation and great test coverage

In general, we might not accept actions that

  • Solve specific use-cases for only a small subset of developers
  • Access the API of a third party service, the third party service should own and maintain the action
  • Complex actions, that will require a lot of work to maintain in the future
  • Everything that isn't mobile developer related