Generate an URL for appetize simulator

Check out the device_grid guide for more information

Supported platforms ios
Author @KrauseFx
Returns The URL to preview the iPhone app


Key Description Default
public_key Public key of the app you wish to update *
base_url Base URL of Appetize service
device Device type: iphone4s, iphone5s, iphone6, iphone6plus, ipadair, iphone6s, iphone6splus, ipadair2, nexus5, nexus7 or nexus9 iphone5s
scale Scale of the simulator
orientation Device orientation portrait
language Device language in ISO 639-1 language code, e.g. 'de'
color Color of the device black
launch_url Specify a deep link to open when your app is launched
os_version The operating system version on which to run your app, e.g. 10.3, 8.0
params Specifiy params value to be passed to Appetize
proxy Specify a HTTP proxy to be passed to Appetize

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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