Generate Apple-like source code documentation from the source code

Runs appledoc [OPTIONS] <paths to source dirs or files> for the project

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @alexmx

1 Example

  project_name: "MyProjectName",
  project_company: "Company Name",
  input: "MyProjectSources",
  ignore: [
  options: "--keep-intermediate-files --search-undocumented-doc",
  warnings: "--warn-missing-output-path --warn-missing-company-id"


Key Description
input Path to source files
output Output path
templates Template files path
docset_install_path DocSet installation path
include Include static doc(s) at path
ignore Ignore given path
exclude_output Exclude given path from output
index_desc File including main index description
project_name Project name
project_version Project version
project_company Project company
company_id Company UTI (i.e. reverse DNS name)
create_html Create HTML
create_docset Create documentation set
install_docset Install documentation set to Xcode
publish_docset Prepare DocSet for publishing
html_anchors The html anchor format to use in DocSet HTML
clean_output Remove contents of output path before starting
docset_bundle_id DocSet bundle identifier
docset_bundle_name DocSet bundle name
docset_desc DocSet description
docset_copyright DocSet copyright message
docset_feed_name DocSet feed name
docset_feed_url DocSet feed URL
docset_feed_formats DocSet feed formats. Separated by a comma [atom,xml]
docset_package_url DocSet package (.xar) URL
docset_fallback_url DocSet fallback URL
docset_publisher_id DocSet publisher identifier
docset_publisher_name DocSet publisher name
docset_min_xcode_version DocSet min. Xcode version
docset_platform_family DocSet platform family
docset_cert_issuer DocSet certificate issuer
docset_cert_signer DocSet certificate signer
docset_bundle_filename DocSet bundle filename
docset_atom_filename DocSet atom feed filename
docset_xml_filename DocSet xml feed filename
docset_package_filename DocSet package (.xar,.tgz) filename
options Documentation generation options
crossref_format Cross reference template regex
exit_threshold Exit code threshold below which 0 is returned
docs_section_title Title of the documentation section (defaults to "Programming Guides"
warnings Documentation generation warnings
logformat Log format [0-3]
verbose Log verbosity level [0-6,xcode]

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