Upload your app to to stream it in the browser

If you provide a public_key, this will overwrite an existing application. If you want to have this build as a new app version, you shouldn't provide this value. To integrate appetize into your GitHub workflow check out the device_grid guide

Supported platforms ios, android
Author @klundberg, @giginet

1 Example

  path: "./",
  api_token: "yourapitoken", # get it from
  public_key: "your_public_key" # get it from


Key Description
api_token API Token
url URL from which the ipa file can be fetched. Alternative to :path
platform Platform. Either ios or android. Default is ios
path Path to zipped build on the local filesystem. Either this or url must be specified
public_key If not provided, a new app will be created. If provided, the existing build will be overwritten
note Notes you wish to add to the uploaded app

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