Alias for the pilot action

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @KrauseFx

4 Examples

pilot # alias for "testflight"
testflight(skip_submission: true) # to only upload the build
  username: "felix@krausefx.com",
  app_identifier: "com.krausefx.app",
  itc_provider: "abcde12345" # pass a specific value to the iTMSTransporter -itc_provider option


Key Description
username Your Apple ID Username
app_identifier The bundle identifier of the app to upload or manage testers (optional)
app_platform The platform to use (optional)
ipa Path to the ipa file to upload
changelog Provide the 'what's new' text when uploading a new build
beta_app_description Provide the beta app description when uploading a new build
beta_app_feedback_email Provide the beta app email when uploading a new build
skip_submission Skip the distributing action of pilot and only upload the ipa file
skip_waiting_for_build_processing Don't wait for the build to process. If set to true, the changelog won't be set, distribute_external option won't work and no build will be distributed to testers
update_build_info_on_upload [DEPRECATED!] true - Update build info immediately after validation. This is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. iTunesConnect no longer supports setting build info until after build processing has completed, which is when build info is updated by default
apple_id The unique App ID provided by iTunes Connect
distribute_external Should the build be distributed to external testers?
first_name The tester's first name
last_name The tester's last name
email The tester's email
testers_file_path Path to a CSV file of testers
wait_processing_interval Interval in seconds to wait for iTunes Connect processing
team_id The ID of your iTunes Connect team if you're in multiple teams
team_name The name of your iTunes Connect team if you're in multiple teams
dev_portal_team_id The short ID of your team in the developer portal, if you're in multiple teams. Different from your iTC team ID!
itc_provider The provider short name to be used with the iTMSTransporter to identify your team
groups Associate tester to one group or more by group name / group id. E.g. '-g "Team 1","Team 2"'

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