Upload a new build to TestFairy

You can retrieve your API key on your settings page

Supported platforms ios, android
Author @taka0125, @tcurdt

1 Example

  api_key: "...",
  ipa: "./ipa_file.ipa",
  comment: "Build #{lane_context[SharedValues::BUILD_NUMBER]}",


Key Description
api_key API Key for TestFairy
ipa Path to your IPA file for iOS or APK for Android
symbols_file Symbols mapping file
testers_groups Array of tester groups to be notified
metrics Array of metrics to record (cpu,memory,network,phone_signal,gps,battery,mic,wifi)
icon_watermark Add a small watermark to app icon
comment Additional release notes for this upload. This text will be added to email notifications
auto_update Allows easy upgrade of all users to current version
notify Send email to testers
options Array of options (shake,video_only_wifi,anonymous)

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