Ensure a valid push profile is active, creating a new one if needed (via pem)

Additionally to the available options, you can also specify a block that only gets executed if a new profile was created. You can use it to upload the new profile to your server. Use it like this: get_push_certificate( new_profile: proc do # your upload code end )

Supported platforms ios
Author @KrauseFx

3 Examples

pem # alias for "get_push_certificate"
  force: true, # create a new profile, even if the old one is still valid
  app_identifier: "net.sunapps.9", # optional app identifier,
  save_private_key: true,
  new_profile: proc do |profile_path| # this block gets called when a new profile was generated
    puts profile_path # the absolute path to the new PEM file
    # insert the code to upload the PEM file to the server


Key Description
development Renew the development push certificate instead of the production one
generate_p12 Generate a p12 file additionally to a PEM file
active_days_limit If the current certificate is active for less than this number of days, generate a new one. Default value is 30 days
force Create a new push certificate, even if the current one is active for 30 (or PEM_ACTIVE_DAYS_LIMIT) more days
save_private_key Set to save the private RSA key
app_identifier The bundle identifier of your app
username Your Apple ID Username
team_id The ID of your Developer Portal team if you're in multiple teams
team_name The name of your Developer Portal team if you're in multiple teams
p12_password The password that is used for your p12 file
pem_name The file name of the generated .pem file
output_path The path to a directory in which all certificates and private keys should be stored
new_profile Block that is called if there is a new profile

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