Generates a provisioning profile, saving it in the current folder (via sigh)

Note: It is recommended to use match according to the for generating and maintaining your provisioning profiles. Use sigh directly only if you want full control over what's going on and know more about codesigning.

Supported platforms ios
Author @KrauseFx
Returns The UUID of the profile sigh just fetched/generated

3 Examples

sigh # alias for "get_provisioning_profile"
  adhoc: true,
  force: true,
  filename: "myFile.mobileprovision"


Key Description
adhoc Setting this flag will generate AdHoc profiles instead of App Store Profiles
development Renew the development certificate instead of the production one
skip_install By default, the certificate will be added to your local machine. Setting this flag will skip this action
force Renew provisioning profiles regardless of its state - to automatically add all devices for ad hoc profiles
app_identifier The bundle identifier of your app
username Your Apple ID Username
team_id The ID of your Developer Portal team if you're in multiple teams
team_name The name of your Developer Portal team if you're in multiple teams
provisioning_name The name of the profile that is used on the Apple Developer Portal
ignore_profiles_with_different_name Use in combination with :provisioning_name - when true only profiles matching this exact name will be downloaded
output_path Directory in which the profile should be stored
cert_id The ID of the code signing certificate to use (e.g. 78ADL6LVAA)
cert_owner_name The certificate name to use for new profiles, or to renew with. (e.g. "Felix Krause")
filename Filename to use for the generated provisioning profile (must include .mobileprovision)
skip_fetch_profiles Skips the verification of existing profiles which is useful if you have thousands of profiles
skip_certificate_verification Skips the verification of the certificates for every existing profiles. This will make sure the provisioning profile can be used on the local machine
platform Set the provisioning profile's platform (i.e. ios, tvos)
readonly Only fetch existing profile, don't generate new ones
template_name The name of provisioning profile template. If the developer account has provisioning profile templates, template name can be found by inspecting the Entitlements drop-down while creating/editing a provisioning profile

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