Create Managed Google Play Apps

Create new apps on Managed Google Play.

Supported platforms android
Author @janpio

1 Example

  json_key: 'path/to/you/json/key/file',
  developer_account_id: 'developer_account_id', # obtained using the `get_managed_play_store_publishing_rights` action (or looking at the Play Console url)
  app_title: 'Your app title',
  language: 'en_US', # primary app language in BCP 47 format
  apk: '/files/app-release.apk'


Key Description Default
json_key The path to a file containing service account JSON, used to authenticate with Google *
json_key_data The raw service account JSON data used to authenticate with Google *
developer_account_id The ID of your Google Play Console account. Can be obtained from the URL when you log in ( or when you 'Obtain private app publishing rights' ( *
apk Path to the APK file to upload *
app_title App Title
language Default app language (e.g. 'en_US') en_US
root_url Root URL for the Google Play API. The provided URL will be used for API calls in place of
timeout Timeout for read, open, and send (in seconds) 300

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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fastlane action create_app_on_managed_play_store

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