Small action to save your build artifacts. Useful when you use reset_git_repo

This action copies artifacts to a target directory. It's useful if you have a CI that will pick up these artifacts and attach them to the build. Useful e.g. for storing your .ipas, .dSYM.zips, .mobileprovisions, .certs Make sure your target_path is gitignored, and if you use reset_git_repo, make sure the artifacts are added to the exclude list

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @lmirosevic

1 Example

  target_path: "artifacts",
  artifacts: ["*.cer", "*.mobileprovision", "*.ipa", "*"]

# Reset the git repo to a clean state, but leave our artifacts in place
  exclude: "artifacts"


Key Description
keep_original Set this to true if you want copy, rather than move, semantics
target_path The directory in which you want your artifacts placed
artifacts An array of file patterns of the files/folders you want to preserve
fail_on_missing Fail when a source file isn't found

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