Upload metadata, screenshots and binaries to Google Play (via supply)

More information: https://docs.fastlane.tools/actions/supply/

Supported platforms android
Author @KrauseFx

2 Examples

supply # alias for "upload_to_play_store"


Key Description
package_name The package name of the application to use
track The track of the application to use: production, beta, alpha, rollout
rollout The percentage of the user fraction when uploading to the rollout track
metadata_path Path to the directory containing the metadata files
key [DEPRECATED!] Use --json_key instead - The p12 File used to authenticate with Google
issuer [DEPRECATED!] Use --json_key instead - The issuer of the p12 file (email address of the service account)
json_key The service account json file used to authenticate with Google
json_key_data The service account json used to authenticate with Google
apk Path to the APK file to upload
apk_paths An array of paths to APK files to upload
skip_upload_apk Whether to skip uploading APK
skip_upload_metadata Whether to skip uploading metadata
skip_upload_images Whether to skip uploading images, screenshots not included
skip_upload_screenshots Whether to skip uploading SCREENSHOTS
track_promote_to The track to promote to: production, beta, alpha, rollout
validate_only Only validate changes with Google Play rather than actually publish
mapping Path to the mapping file to upload
mapping_paths An array of paths to mapping files to upload
root_url Root URL for the Google Play API. The provided URL will be used for API calls in place of https://www.googleapis.com/
check_superseded_tracks Check the other tracks for superseded versions and disable them

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fastlane action upload_to_play_store

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