Set Urban Airship plist configuration values

This action updates the AirshipConfig.plist needed to configure the Urban Airship SDK at runtime, allowing keys and secrets to easily be set for the Enterprise and Production versions of the application.

Supported platforms ios
Author @kcharwood

1 Example

  plist_path: "AirshipConfig.plist",
  production_app_key: "PRODKEY",
  production_app_secret: "PRODSECRET"


Key Description Default
plist_path Path to Urban Airship configuration Plist
development_app_key The development app key
development_app_secret The development app secret
production_app_key The production app key
production_app_secret The production app secret
detect_provisioning_mode Automatically detect provisioning mode

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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fastlane action update_urban_airship_configuration

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