Update the project's bundle identifier

Update an app identifier by either setting CFBundleIdentifier or PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER, depending on which is already in use.

Supported platforms ios
Author @squarefrog, @tobiasstrebitzer

1 Example

  xcodeproj: "Example.xcodeproj", # Optional path to xcodeproj, will use the first .xcodeproj if not set
  plist_path: "Example/Info.plist", # Path to info plist file, relative to xcodeproj
  app_identifier: "com.test.example" # The App Identifier


Key Description Default
xcodeproj Path to your Xcode project *
plist_path Path to info plist, relative to your Xcode project
app_identifier The app Identifier you want to set *

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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