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Supported platforms ios, android
Author @alicertel

1 Example

  api_token: "...",
  app_id: "application-id",
  build_file: "test.ipa",


Key Description Default
app_id Tryouts application hash
api_token API Token (api_key:api_secret) for Tryouts Access
build_file Path to your IPA or APK file. Optional if you use the gym or xcodebuild action *
notes Release notes
notes_path Release notes text file path. Overrides the :notes parameter
notify Notify testers? 0 for no 1
status 2 to make your release public. Release will be distributed to available testers. 1 to make your release private. Release won't be distributed to testers. This also prevents release from showing up for SDK update 2

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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