Easily sync your certificates and profiles across your team (via match)

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Supported platforms ios
Author @KrauseFx

4 Examples

sync_code_signing(type: "appstore", app_identifier: "")
sync_code_signing(type: "development", readonly: true)
sync_code_signing(app_identifier: ["", "tools.fastlane.sleepy"])
match   # alias for "sync_code_signing"


Key Description
git_url URL to the git repo containing all the certificates
git_branch Specific git branch to use
type Define the profile type, can be appstore, adhoc, development, enterprise
app_identifier The bundle identifier(s) of your app (comma-separated)
username Your Apple ID Username
keychain_name Keychain the items should be imported to
keychain_password This might be required the first time you access certificates on a new mac. For the login/default keychain this is your account password
readonly Only fetch existing certificates and profiles, don't generate new ones
team_id The ID of your Developer Portal team if you're in multiple teams
git_full_name git user full name to commit
git_user_email git user email to commit
team_name The name of your Developer Portal team if you're in multiple teams
verbose Print out extra information and all commands
force Renew the provisioning profiles every time you run match
skip_confirmation Disables confirmation prompts during nuke, answering them with yes
shallow_clone Make a shallow clone of the repository (truncate the history to 1 revision)
clone_branch_directly Clone just the branch specified, instead of the whole repo. This requires that the branch already exists. Otherwise the command will fail
force_for_new_devices Renew the provisioning profiles if the device count on the developer portal has changed. Ignored for profile type 'appstore'
skip_docs Skip generation of a for the created git repository
platform Set the provisioning profile's platform to work with (i.e. ios, tvos)
template_name The name of provisioning profile template. If the developer account has provisioning profile templates, template name can be found by inspecting the Entitlements drop-down while creating/editing a provisioning profile

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