Upload dSYM file to Splunk MINT

Supported platforms ios
Author @xfreebird

1 Example

  dsym: "My.app.dSYM.zip",
  api_key: "43564d3a",
  api_token: "e05456234c4869fb7e0b61"


Key Description Default
dsym dSYM.zip file to upload to Splunk MINT
api_key Splunk MINT App API key e.g. f57a57ca
api_token Splunk MINT API token e.g. e05ba40754c4869fb7e0b61
verbose Make detailed output false
upload_progress Show upload progress false
proxy_username Proxy username
proxy_password Proxy password
proxy_address Proxy address
proxy_port Proxy port

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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