Alias for the run_tests action

The easiest way to run tests of your iOS and Mac app

scan makes it easy to run tests of your iOS and Mac app on a simulator or connected device.


What's scan?

Before scan

xcodebuild \
  -workspace MyApp.xcworkspace \
  -scheme "MyApp" \
  -sdk iphonesimulator \
  -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6,OS=8.1' \

As the output will look like this

/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ Example/main.m normal arm64 objective-c
    cd /Users/felixkrause/Developer/fastlane/gym/example/cocoapods
    export LANG=en_US.US-ASCII
    export PATH="/Applications/"
    /Applications/ -x objective-c -arch arm64 -fmessage-length=126 -fdiagnostics-show-note-include-stack -fmacro-backtrace-limit=0 -fcolor-diagnostics -std=gnu99 -fobjc-arc -fmodules -gmodules -fmodules-cache-path=/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache -fmodules-prune-interval=86400 -fmodules-prune-after=345600 -fbuild-session-file=/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache/Session.modulevalidation -fmodules-validate-once-per-build-session -Wnon-modular-include-in-framework-module -Werror=non-modular-include-in-framework-module -Wno-trigraphs -fpascal-strings -Os -fno-common -Wno-missing-field-initializers -Wno-missing-prototypes -Werror=return-type -Wunreachable-code -Wno-implicit-atomic-properties -Werror=deprecated-objc-isa-usage -Werror=objc-root-class -Wno-arc-repeated-use-of-weak -Wduplicate-method-match -Wno-missing-braces -Wparentheses -Wswitch -Wunused-function -Wno-unused-label -Wno-unused-parameter -Wunused-variable -Wunused-value -Wempty-body -Wconditional-uninitialized -Wno-unknown-pragmas -Wno-shadow -Wno-four-char-constants -Wno-conversion -Wconstant-conversion -Wint-conversion -Wbool-conversion -Wenum-conversion -Wshorten-64-to-32 -Wpointer-sign -Wno-newline-eof -Wno-selector -Wno-strict-selector-match -Wundeclared-selector -Wno-deprecated-implementations -DCOCOAPODS=1 -DNS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS=1 -DOBJC_OLD_DISPATCH_PROTOTYPES=0 -isysroot /Applications/ -fstrict-aliasing -Wprotocol -Wdeprecated-declarations -miphoneos-version-min=9.0 -g -fvisibility=hidden -Wno-sign-conversion -fembed-bitcode -iquote /Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -I/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -I/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -iquote /Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -I/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/BuildProductsPath/Release-iphoneos/include -I/Users/felixkrause/Developer/fastlane/gym/example/cocoapods/Pods/Headers/Public -I/Users/felixkrause/Developer/fastlane/gym/example/cocoapods/Pods/Headers/Public/HexColors -I/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -I/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -F/Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/BuildProductsPath/Release-iphoneos -isystem /Users/felixkrause/Developer/fastlane/gym/example/cocoapods/Pods/Headers/Public -isystem /Users/felixkrause/Developer/fastlane/gym/example/cocoapods/Pods/Headers/Public/HexColors -MMD -MT dependencies -MF /Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ --serialize-diagnostics /Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/ -c /Users/felixkrause/Developer/fastlane/gym/example/cocoapods/Example/main.m -o /Users/felixkrause/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Example-fhlmxikmujknefgidqwqvtbatohi/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Example/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/

you'll probably want to use something like xcpretty, which will look like this:

set -o pipefail &&
  xcodebuild \
    -workspace MyApp.xcworkspace \
    -scheme "MyApp" \
    -sdk iphonesimulator \
    -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 6,OS=8.1' \
    test \
  | xcpretty \
    -r "html" \
    -o "tests.html"

With scan

fastlane scan

Why scan?

scan uses the latest APIs and tools to make running tests plain simple and offer a great integration into your existing workflow, like fastlane or Jenkins.

scan Features
🏁 Beautiful inline build output while running the tests
🚠 Sensible defaults: Automatically detect the project, schemes and more
📊 Support for HTML, JSON and JUnit reports
🔎 Xcode duplicated your simulators again? scan will handle this for you
🔗 Works perfectly with fastlane and other tools
🚅 Don't remember any complicated build commands, just scan
🔧 Easy and dynamic configuration using parameters and environment variables
📢 Beautiful slack notifications of the test results
💾 Store common build settings in a Scanfile
📤 The raw xcodebuild outputs are stored in ~/Library/Logs/scan
💻 Supports both iOS and Mac applications
👱 Automatically switches to the travis formatter when running on Travis
📖 Helps you resolve common test errors like simulator not responding

scan uses a plain xcodebuild command, therefore keeping 100% compatible with xcodebuild. To generate the nice output, scan uses xcpretty. You can always access the raw output in ~/Library/Logs/scan.

img/actions/scanScreenshot.png img/actions/slack.png img/actions/scanHTML.png img/actions/scanHTMLFailing.png


fastlane scan

That's all you need to run your tests. If you want more control, here are some available parameters:

fastlane scan --workspace "Example.xcworkspace" --scheme "AppName" --device "iPhone 6" --clean

If you need to use a different Xcode install, use [xcodes]( or define DEVELOPER_DIR:

DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/" scan

To run scan on multiple devices via fastlane, add this to your Fastfile:

  workspace: "Example.xcworkspace",
  devices: ["iPhone 6s", "iPad Air"]

For a list of all available parameters use

fastlane action scan

To access the raw xcodebuild output open ~/Library/Logs/scan


Since you might want to manually trigger the tests but don't want to specify all the parameters every time, you can store your defaults in a so called Scanfile.

Run fastlane scan init to create a new configuration file. Example:

devices(["iPhone 6s", "iPad Air"])



Automating the whole process

scan works great together with fastlane, which connects all deployment tools into one streamlined workflow.

Using fastlane you can define a configuration like

lane :test do
  scan(scheme: "Example")

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @KrauseFx
Returns Outputs hash of results with the following keys: :number_of_tests, :number_of_failures, :number_of_retries, :number_of_tests_excluding_retries, :number_of_failures_excluding_retries

6 Examples

scan # alias for "run_tests"
  workspace: "App.xcworkspace",
  scheme: "MyTests",
  clean: false
# Build For Testing
   derived_data_path: "my_folder",
   build_for_testing: true
# run tests using derived data from prev. build
   derived_data_path: "my_folder",
   test_without_building: true
# or run it from an existing xctestrun package
   xctestrun: "/path/to/mytests.xctestrun"


Key Description Default
workspace Path to the workspace file
project Path to the project file
package_path Path to the Swift Package
scheme The project's scheme. Make sure it's marked as Shared
device The name of the simulator type you want to run tests on (e.g. 'iPhone 6' or 'iPhone SE (2nd generation) (14.5)')
devices Array of devices to run the tests on (e.g. ['iPhone 6', 'iPad Air', 'iPhone SE (2nd generation) (14.5)'])
skip_detect_devices Should skip auto detecting of devices if none were specified false
ensure_devices_found Should fail if devices not found false
force_quit_simulator Enabling this option will automatically killall Simulator processes before the run false
reset_simulator Enabling this option will automatically erase the simulator before running the application false
disable_slide_to_type Enabling this option will disable the simulator from showing the 'Slide to type' prompt true
prelaunch_simulator Enabling this option will launch the first simulator prior to calling any xcodebuild command
reinstall_app Enabling this option will automatically uninstall the application before running it false
app_identifier The bundle identifier of the app to uninstall (only needed when enabling reinstall_app) *
only_testing Array of strings matching Test Bundle/Test Suite/Test Cases to run
skip_testing Array of strings matching Test Bundle/Test Suite/Test Cases to skip
testplan The testplan associated with the scheme that should be used for testing
only_test_configurations Array of strings matching test plan configurations to run
skip_test_configurations Array of strings matching test plan configurations to skip
xctestrun Run tests using the provided .xctestrun file
toolchain The toolchain that should be used for building the application (e.g., org.swift.30p620160816a)
clean Should the project be cleaned before building it? false
code_coverage Should code coverage be generated? (Xcode 7 and up)
address_sanitizer Should the address sanitizer be turned on?
thread_sanitizer Should the thread sanitizer be turned on?
open_report Should the HTML report be opened when tests are completed? false
output_directory The directory in which all reports will be stored *
output_style Define how the output should look like. Valid values are: standard, basic, rspec, or raw (disables xcpretty during xcodebuild)
output_types Comma separated list of the output types (e.g. html, junit, json-compilation-database) html,junit
output_files Comma separated list of the output files, corresponding to the types provided by :output_types (order should match). If specifying an output type of json-compilation-database with :use_clang_report_name enabled, that option will take precedence
buildlog_path The directory where to store the raw log *
include_simulator_logs If the logs generated by the app (e.g. using NSLog, perror, etc.) in the Simulator should be written to the output_directory false
suppress_xcode_output Suppress the output of xcodebuild to stdout. Output is still saved in buildlog_path
xcodebuild_formatter xcodebuild formatter to use (ex: 'xcbeautify', 'xcbeautify --quieter', 'xcpretty', 'xcpretty -test'). Use empty string (ex: '') to disable any formatter (More information: *
output_remove_retry_attempts Remove retry attempts from test results table and the JUnit report (if not using xcpretty) false
disable_xcpretty DEPRECATED! Use output_style: 'raw' instead - Disable xcpretty formatting of build, similar to output_style='raw' but this will also skip the test results table
formatter DEPRECATED! Use 'xcpretty_formatter' instead - A custom xcpretty formatter to use
xcpretty_formatter A custom xcpretty formatter to use
xcpretty_args Pass in xcpretty additional command line arguments (e.g. '--test --no-color' or '--tap --no-utf')
derived_data_path The directory where build products and other derived data will go
should_zip_build_products Should zip the derived data build products and place in output path? false
output_xctestrun Should provide additional copy of .xctestrun file (settings.xctestrun) and place in output path? false
result_bundle_path Custom path for the result bundle, overrides result_bundle
result_bundle Should an Xcode result bundle be generated in the output directory false
use_clang_report_name Generate the json compilation database with clang naming convention (compile_commands.json) false
parallel_testing Optionally override the per-target setting in the scheme for running tests in parallel. Equivalent to -parallel-testing-enabled
concurrent_workers Specify the exact number of test runners that will be spawned during parallel testing. Equivalent to -parallel-testing-worker-count
max_concurrent_simulators Constrain the number of simulator devices on which to test concurrently. Equivalent to -maximum-concurrent-test-simulator-destinations
disable_concurrent_testing Do not run test bundles in parallel on the specified destinations. Testing will occur on each destination serially. Equivalent to -disable-concurrent-testing false
skip_build Should debug build be skipped before test build? false
test_without_building Test without building, requires a derived data path
build_for_testing Build for testing only, does not run tests
sdk The SDK that should be used for building the application
configuration The configuration to use when building the app. Defaults to 'Release' *
xcargs Pass additional arguments to xcodebuild. Be sure to quote the setting names and values e.g. OTHER_LDFLAGS="-ObjC -lstdc++"
xcconfig Use an extra XCCONFIG file to build your app
app_name App name to use in slack message and logfile name
deployment_target_version Target version of the app being build or tested. Used to filter out simulator version
slack_url Create an Incoming WebHook for your Slack group to post results there
slack_channel #channel or @username
slack_message The message included with each message posted to slack
slack_use_webhook_configured_username_and_icon Use webhook's default username and icon settings? (true/false) false
slack_username Overrides the webhook's username property if slack_use_webhook_configured_username_and_icon is false fastlane
slack_icon_url Overrides the webhook's image property if slack_use_webhook_configured_username_and_icon is false
skip_slack Don't publish to slack, even when an URL is given false
slack_only_on_failure Only post on Slack if the tests fail false
slack_default_payloads Specifies default payloads to include in Slack messages. For more info visit
destination Use only if you're a pro, use the other options instead
run_rosetta_simulator Adds arch=x86_64 to the xcodebuild 'destination' argument to run simulator in a Rosetta mode false
catalyst_platform Platform to build when using a Catalyst enabled app. Valid values are: ios, macos
custom_report_file_name DEPRECATED! Use --output_files instead - Sets custom full report file name when generating a single report
xcodebuild_command Allows for override of the default xcodebuild command env NSUnbufferedIO=YES xcodebuild
cloned_source_packages_path Sets a custom path for Swift Package Manager dependencies
skip_package_dependencies_resolution Skips resolution of Swift Package Manager dependencies false
disable_package_automatic_updates Prevents packages from automatically being resolved to versions other than those recorded in the Package.resolved file false
use_system_scm Lets xcodebuild use system's scm configuration false
number_of_retries The number of times a test can fail 0
fail_build Should this step stop the build if the tests fail? Set this to false if you're using trainer true

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

Lane Variables

Actions can communicate with each other using a shared hash lane_context, that can be accessed in other actions, plugins or your lanes: lane_context[SharedValues:XYZ]. The scan action generates the following Lane Variables:

SharedValue Description
SharedValues::SCAN_DERIVED_DATA_PATH The path to the derived data
SharedValues::SCAN_GENERATED_PLIST_FILE The generated plist file
SharedValues::SCAN_GENERATED_PLIST_FILES The generated plist files
SharedValues::SCAN_GENERATED_XCRESULT_PATH The path to the generated .xcresult
SharedValues::SCAN_ZIP_BUILD_PRODUCTS_PATH The path to the zipped build products

To get more information check the Lanes documentation.


To show the documentation in your terminal, run

fastlane action scan


It is recommended to add the above action into your Fastfile, however sometimes you might want to run one-offs. To do so, you can run the following command from your terminal

fastlane run scan

To pass parameters, make use of the : symbol, for example

fastlane run scan parameter1:"value1" parameter2:"value2"

It's important to note that the CLI supports primitive types like integers, floats, booleans, and strings. Arrays can be passed as a comma delimited string (e.g. param:"1,2,3"). Hashes are not currently supported.

It is recommended to add all fastlane actions you use to your Fastfile.

Source code

This action, just like the rest of fastlane, is fully open source, view the source code on GitHub

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