Loads a CocoaPods spec as JSON

This can be used for only specifying a version string in your podspec - and during your release process you'd read it from the podspec by running version = read_podspec['version'] at the beginning of your lane.
Loads the specified (or the first found) podspec in the folder as JSON, so that you can inspect its version, files etc.
This can be useful when basing your release process on the version string only stored in one place - in the podspec.
As one of the first steps you'd read the podspec and its version and the rest of the workflow can use that version string (when e.g. creating a new git tag or a GitHub Release).

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @czechboy0

2 Examples

spec = read_podspec
version = spec["version"]
puts "Using Version #{version}"
spec = read_podspec(path: "./XcodeServerSDK.podspec")


Key Description Default
path Path to the podspec to be read *

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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