Push local changes to the remote branch

Lets you push your local commits to a remote git repo. Useful if you make local changes such as adding a version bump commit (using commit_version_bump) or a git tag (using 'add_git_tag') on a CI server, and you want to push those changes back to your canonical/main repo.

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @lmirosevic

2 Examples

push_to_git_remote # simple version. pushes "master" branch to "origin" remote
  remote: "origin",         # optional, default: "origin"
  local_branch: "develop",  # optional, aliased by "branch", default is set to current branch
  remote_branch: "develop", # optional, default is set to local_branch
  force: true,    # optional, default: false
  force_with_lease: true,   # optional, default: false
  tags: false     # optional, default: true


Key Description Default
local_branch The local branch to push from. Defaults to the current branch *
remote_branch The remote branch to push to. Defaults to the local branch *
force Force push to remote false
force_with_lease Force push with lease to remote false
tags Whether tags are pushed to remote true
remote The remote to push to origin

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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fastlane action push_to_git_remote

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