Pod lib lint

Test the syntax of your Podfile by linting the pod against the files of its directory

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @thierryxing

4 Examples

# Allow output detail in console
pod_lib_lint(verbose: true)
# Allow warnings during pod lint
pod_lib_lint(allow_warnings: true)
# If the podspec has a dependency on another private pod, then you will have to supply the sources
pod_lib_lint(sources: ["https://github.com/username/Specs", "https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs"])


Key Description Default
use_bundle_exec Use bundle exec when there is a Gemfile presented true
verbose Allow output detail in console
allow_warnings Allow warnings during pod lint
sources The sources of repos you want the pod spec to lint with, separated by commas
use_libraries Lint uses static libraries to install the spec false
fail_fast Lint stops on the first failing platform or subspec false
private Lint skips checks that apply only to public specs false
quick Lint skips checks that would require to download and build the spec false

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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