Create a new OneSignal application

You can use this action to automatically create a OneSignal application. You can also upload a .p12 with password, a GCM key, or both

Supported platforms ios
Author @timothybarraclough, @smartshowltd

1 Example

  auth_token: "Your OneSignal Auth Token",
  app_name: "Name for OneSignal App",
  android_token: "Your Android GCM key (optional)",
  apns_p12: "Path to Apple .p12 file (optional)",
  apns_p12_password: "Password for .p12 file (optional)",
  apns_env: "production/sandbox (defaults to production)"


Key Description
auth_token OneSignal Authorization Key
app_name OneSignal App Name
android_token ANDROID GCM KEY
apns_p12 APNS P12 File (in .p12 format)
apns_p12_password APNS P12 password
apns_env APNS environment

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