Upload a file to Sonatype Nexus platform

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @xfreebird

1 Example

  file: "/path/to/file.ipa",
  repo_id: "artefacts",
  repo_group_id: "com.fastlane",
  repo_project_name: "ipa",
  repo_project_version: "1.13",
  repo_classifier: "dSYM", # Optional
  endpoint: "http://localhost:8081",
  username: "admin",
  password: "admin123"


Key Description Default
file File to be uploaded to Nexus
repo_id Nexus repository id e.g. artefacts
repo_group_id Nexus repository group id e.g.
repo_project_name Nexus repository commandect name. Only letters, digits, underscores(_), hyphens(-), and dots(.) are allowed
repo_project_version Nexus repository commandect version
repo_classifier Nexus repository artifact classifier (optional)
endpoint Nexus endpoint e.g. http://nexus:8081
mount_path Nexus mount path /nexus
username Nexus username
password Nexus password
ssl_verify Verify SSL true
verbose Make detailed output false
proxy_username Proxy username
proxy_password Proxy password
proxy_address Proxy address
proxy_port Proxy port

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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fastlane action nexus_upload

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