Installs an .ipa file on a connected iOS-device via usb or wifi

Installs the ipa on the device. If no id is given, the first found iOS device will be used. Works via USB or Wi-Fi. This requires ios-deploy to be installed. Please have a look at ios-deploy. To quickly install it, use npm -g i ios-deploy

Supported platforms ios
Author @hjanuschka

1 Example

  device_id: "a3be6c9ff7e5c3c6028597513243b0f933b876d4",
  ipa: "./app.ipa"


Key Description Default
extra Extra Commandline arguments passed to ios-deploy
device_id id of the device / if not set defaults to first found device
skip_wifi Do not search for devices via WiFi
ipa The IPA file to put on the device *

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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