Retrieves version codes for a Google Play track

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Supported platforms android
Author @panthomakos
Returns Array of integers representing the version codes for the given Google Play track

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Key Description Default
package_name The package name of the application to use *
track The track of the application to use. The default available tracks are: production, beta, alpha, internal, rollout production
key DEPRECATED! Use --json_key instead - The p12 File used to authenticate with Google *
issuer DEPRECATED! Use --json_key instead - The issuer of the p12 file (email address of the service account) *
json_key The path to a file containing service account JSON, used to authenticate with Google *
json_key_data The raw service account JSON data used to authenticate with Google *
root_url Root URL for the Google Play API. The provided URL will be used for API calls in place of
timeout Timeout for read, open, and send (in seconds) 300

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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