Adds device frames around all screenshots (via frameit)

Uses frameit to prepare perfect screenshots for the App Store, your website, QA or emails. You can add background and titles to the framed screenshots as well.

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @KrauseFx

5 Examples

frameit # alias for "frame_screenshots"
frame_screenshots(silver: true)
frame_screenshots(path: "/screenshots")
frame_screenshots(rose_gold: true)


Key Description
white Use white device frames
silver Use white device frames. Alias for :white
rose_gold Use rose gold device frames. Alias for :rose_gold
gold Use gold device frames. Alias for :gold
force_device_type Forces a given device type, useful for Mac screenshots, as their sizes vary
use_legacy_iphone5s Use iPhone 5s instead of iPhone SE frames
use_legacy_iphone6s Use iPhone 6s frames instead of iPhone 7 frames
force_orientation_block [Advanced] A block to customize your screnshots' device orientation
path The path to the directory containing the screenshots

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