Runs pod install for the project

If you use CocoaPods you can use the cocoapods integration to run pod install before building your app.

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @KrauseFx, @tadpol, @birmacher, @Liquidsoul

2 Examples

  clean: true,
  podfile: "./CustomPodfile"


Key Description
clean Remove SCM directories
integrate Integrate the Pods libraries into the Xcode project(s)
repo_update Run pod repo update before install
silent Execute command without logging output
verbose Show more debugging information
ansi Show output with ANSI codes
use_bundle_exec Use bundle exec when there is a Gemfile presented
podfile Explicitly specify the path to the Cocoapods' Podfile. You can either set it to the Podfile's path or to the folder containing the Podfile file
error_callback A callback invoked with the command output if there is a non-zero exit status

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