Check your app's metadata before you submit your app to review (via precheck)

More information:

Supported platforms ios
Author @taquitos
Returns true if precheck passes, else, false

2 Examples

  negative_apple_sentiment(level: :skip), # Set to skip to not run the `negative_apple_sentiment` rule
  curse_words(level: :warn) # Set to warn to only warn on curse word check failures
precheck   # alias for "check_app_store_metadata"


Key Description
app_identifier The bundle identifier of your app
username Your Apple ID Username
team_id The ID of your iTunes Connect team if you're in multiple teams
team_name The name of your iTunes Connect team if you're in multiple teams
default_rule_level The default rule level unless otherwise configured
include_in_app_purchases Should check in-app purchases?
negative_apple_sentiment mentioning  in a way that could be considered negative
placeholder_text using placeholder text (e.g.:"lorem ipsum", "text here", etc...)
other_platforms mentioning other platforms, like Android or Blackberry
future_functionality mentioning features or content that is not currently available in your app
test_words using text indicating this release is a test
curse_words including words that might be considered objectionable
free_stuff_in_iap using text indicating that your IAP is free
custom_text mentioning any of the user-specified words passed to custom_text(data: [words])
copyright_date using a copyright date that is any different from this current year, or missing a date
unreachable_urls unreachable URLs in app metadata

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