Alias for the capture_ios_screenshots action

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @KrauseFx

3 Examples

snapshot # alias for "capture_ios_screenshots"
  skip_open_summary: true,
  clean: true


Key Description
workspace Path the workspace file
project Path the project file
xcargs Pass additional arguments to xcodebuild for the test phase. Be sure to quote the setting names and values e.g. OTHER_LDFLAGS="-ObjC -lstdc++"
devices A list of devices you want to take the screenshots from
languages A list of languages which should be used
launch_arguments A list of launch arguments which should be used
output_directory The directory where to store the screenshots
output_simulator_logs If the logs generated by the app (e.g. using NSLog, perror, etc.) in the Simulator should be written to the output_directory
ios_version By default, the latest version should be used automatically. If you want to change it, do it here
skip_open_summary Don't open the HTML summary after running snapshot
skip_helper_version_check Do not check for most recent SnapshotHelper code
clear_previous_screenshots Enabling this option will automatically clear previously generated screenshots before running snapshot
reinstall_app Enabling this option will automatically uninstall the application before running it
erase_simulator Enabling this option will automatically erase the simulator before running the application
localize_simulator Enabling this option will configure the Simulator's system language
app_identifier The bundle identifier of the app to uninstall (only needed when enabling reinstall_app)
add_photos A list of photos that should be added to the simulator before running the application
add_videos A list of videos that should be added to the simulator before running the application
buildlog_path The directory where to store the build log
clean Should the project be cleaned before building it?
test_without_building Test without building, requires a derived data path
configuration The configuration to use when building the app. Defaults to 'Release'
xcpretty_args Additional xcpretty arguments
sdk The SDK that should be used for building the application
scheme The scheme you want to use, this must be the scheme for the UI Tests
number_of_retries The number of times a test can fail before snapshot should stop retrying
stop_after_first_error Should snapshot stop immediately after the tests completely failed on one device?
derived_data_path The directory where build products and other derived data will go
test_target_name The name of the target you want to test (if you desire to override the Target Application from Xcode)
namespace_log_files Separate the log files per device and per language
concurrent_simulators Take snapshots on multiple simulators concurrently. Note: This option is only applicable when running against Xcode 9

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