Automated localized screenshots of your Android app (via screengrab)

Supported platforms android
Author @asfalcone, @i2amsam, @mfurtak

3 Examples

screengrab # alias for "capture_android_screenshots"
  locales: ["en-US", "fr-FR", "ja-JP"],
  clear_previous_screenshots: true,
  app_apk_path: "build/outputs/apk/example-debug.apk",
  tests_apk_path: "build/outputs/apk/example-debug-androidTest-unaligned.apk"


Key Description
android_home Path to the root of your Android SDK installation, e.g. ~/tools/android-sdk-macosx
build_tools_version The Android build tools version to use, e.g. '23.0.2'
locales A list of locales which should be used
clear_previous_screenshots Enabling this option will automatically clear previously generated screenshots before running screengrab
output_directory The directory where to store the screenshots
skip_open_summary Don't open the summary after running screengrab
app_package_name The package name of the app under test (e.g. com.yourcompany.yourapp)
tests_package_name The package name of the tests bundle (e.g. com.yourcompany.yourapp.test)
use_tests_in_packages Only run tests in these Java packages
use_tests_in_classes Only run tests in these Java classes
launch_arguments Additional launch arguments
test_instrumentation_runner The fully qualified class name of your test instrumentation runner
ending_locale Return the device to this locale after running tests
app_apk_path The path to the APK for the app under test
tests_apk_path The path to the APK for the the tests bundle
specific_device Use the device or emulator with the given serial number or qualifier
device_type Type of device used for screenshots. Matches Google Play Types (phone, sevenInch, tenInch, tv, wear)
exit_on_test_failure Whether or not to exit Screengrab on test failure. Exiting on failure will not copy sceenshots to local machine nor open sceenshots summary
reinstall_app Enabling this option will automatically uninstall the application before running it

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