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Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @KrauseFx
Returns The absolute path to the generated ipa file

4 Examples

build_ios_app(scheme: "MyApp", workspace: "MyApp.xcworkspace")
  workspace: "MyApp.xcworkspace",
  configuration: "Debug",
  scheme: "MyApp",
  silent: true,
  clean: true,
  output_directory: "path/to/dir", # Destination directory. Defaults to current directory.
  output_name: "my-app.ipa",       # specify the name of the .ipa file to generate (including file extension)
  sdk: "iOS 11.1"        # use SDK as the name or path of the base SDK when building the project.
gym         # alias for "build_ios_app"
build_app   # alias for "build_ios_app"


Key Description
workspace Path to the workspace file
project Path to the project file
scheme The project's scheme. Make sure it's marked as Shared
clean Should the project be cleaned before building it?
output_directory The directory in which the ipa file should be stored in
output_name The name of the resulting ipa file
configuration The configuration to use when building the app. Defaults to 'Release'
silent Hide all information that's not necessary while building
codesigning_identity The name of the code signing identity to use. It has to match the name exactly. e.g. 'iPhone Distribution: SunApps GmbH'
skip_package_ipa Should we skip packaging the ipa?
include_symbols Should the ipa file include symbols?
include_bitcode Should the ipa file include bitcode?
export_method Method used to export the archive. Valid values are: app-store, ad-hoc, package, enterprise, development, developer-id
export_options Specifies path to export options plist. Use 'xcodebuild -help' to print the full set of available options
export_xcargs Pass additional arguments to xcodebuild for the package phase. Be sure to quote the setting names and values e.g. OTHER_LDFLAGS="-ObjC -lstdc++"
skip_build_archive Export ipa from previously built xarchive. Uses archive_path as source
skip_archive After building, don't archive, effectively not including -archivePath param
build_path The directory in which the archive should be stored in
archive_path The path to the created archive
derived_data_path The directory where built products and other derived data will go
result_bundle Location of the Xcode result bundle
buildlog_path The directory where to store the build log
sdk The SDK that should be used for building the application
toolchain The toolchain that should be used for building the application (e.g., org.swift.30p620160816a)
destination Use a custom destination for building the app
export_team_id Optional: Sometimes you need to specify a team id when exporting the ipa file
xcargs Pass additional arguments to xcodebuild for the build phase. Be sure to quote the setting names and values e.g. OTHER_LDFLAGS="-ObjC -lstdc++"
xcconfig Use an extra XCCONFIG file to build your app
suppress_xcode_output Suppress the output of xcodebuild to stdout. Output is still saved in buildlog_path
disable_xcpretty Disable xcpretty formatting of build output
xcpretty_test_format Use the test (RSpec style) format for build output
xcpretty_formatter A custom xcpretty formatter to use
xcpretty_report_junit Have xcpretty create a JUnit-style XML report at the provided path
xcpretty_report_html Have xcpretty create a simple HTML report at the provided path
xcpretty_report_json Have xcpretty create a JSON compilation database at the provided path
analyze_build_time Analyze the project build time and store the output in 'culprits.txt' file
xcpretty_utf Have xcpretty use unicode encoding when reporting builds
skip_profile_detection Do not try to build a profile mapping from the xcodeproj. Match or a manually provided mapping should be used

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