Automatically add a badge to your app icon

Please use the badge plugin instead.
This action will add a light/dark badge onto your app icon.
You can also provide your custom badge/overlay or add a shield for more customization.
More info:
Note: If you want to reset the badge back to default, you can use sh 'git checkout -- <path>/Assets.xcassets/'.

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @DanielGri

4 Examples

badge(dark: true)
badge(alpha: true)
badge(custom: "/Users/xxx/Desktop/badge.png")
badge(shield: "Version-0.0.3-blue", no_badge: true)


Key Description Default
dark Adds a dark flavored badge ontop of your icon
custom Add your custom overlay/badge image
no_badge Hides the beta badge
shield Add a shield to your app icon from
alpha Adds and alpha badge instead of the default beta one
path Sets the root path to look for AppIcons .
shield_io_timeout Set custom duration for the timeout of the request in seconds
glob Glob pattern for finding image files
alpha_channel Keeps/adds an alpha channel to the icon (useful for android icons)
shield_gravity Position of shield on icon. Default: North - Choices include: NorthWest, North, NorthEast, West, Center, East, SouthWest, South, SouthEast
shield_no_resize Shield image will no longer be resized to aspect fill the full icon. Instead it will only be shrunk to not exceed the icon graphic

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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