This action uploads an artifact to artifactory

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @koglinjg, @tommeier

1 Example

  username: "username",
  password: "password",
  endpoint: "",
  file: "example.ipa",  # File to upload
  repo: "mobile_artifacts",       # Artifactory repo
  repo_path: "/ios/appname/example-major.minor.ipa"   # Path to place the artifact including its filename


Key Description Default
file File to be uploaded to artifactory
repo Artifactory repo to put the file in
repo_path Path to deploy within the repo, including filename
endpoint Artifactory endpoint
username Artifactory username
password Artifactory password
properties Artifact properties hash {}
ssl_pem_file Location of pem file to use for ssl verification
ssl_verify Verify SSL true
proxy_username Proxy username
proxy_password Proxy password
proxy_address Proxy address
proxy_port Proxy port

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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