Returns the current build_number of either live or edit version

Returns the current build number of either the live or testflight version - it is useful for getting the build_number of the current or ready-for-sale app version, and it also works on non-live testflight version.
If you need to handle more build-trains please see latest_testflight_build_number.

Supported platforms ios, mac
Author @hjanuschka

3 Examples

  app_identifier: "app.identifier",
  username: ""
  live: false,
  app_identifier: "app.identifier",
  version: "1.2.9"


Key Description Default
initial_build_number sets the build number to given value if no build is in current train
app_identifier The bundle identifier of your app *
username Your Apple ID Username *
team_id The ID of your App Store Connect team if you're in multiple teams *
live Query the live version (ready-for-sale) true
version The version number whose latest build number we want
platform The platform to use (optional) ios
team_name The name of your App Store Connect team if you're in multiple teams *

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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