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Additionally you can specify notes, emails, groups and notifications. Distributing to Groups: When using the groups parameter, it's important to use the group alias names for each group you'd like to distribute to. A group's alias can be found in the web UI. If you're viewing the Beta page, you can open the groups dialog here:

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @KrauseFx, @pedrogimenez

2 Examples

  crashlytics_path: "./Pods/Crashlytics/", # path to your Crashlytics submit binary.
  api_token: "...",
  build_secret: "...",
  ipa_path: "./app.ipa"


Key Description Default
ipa_path Path to your IPA file. Optional if you use the gym or xcodebuild action *
apk_path Path to your APK file *
crashlytics_path Path to the submit binary in the Crashlytics bundle (iOS) or crashlytics-devtools.jar file (Android)
api_token Crashlytics API Key
build_secret Crashlytics Build Secret
notes_path Path to the release notes
notes The release notes as string - uses :notes_path under the hood
groups The groups used for distribution, separated by commas
emails Pass email addresses of testers, separated by commas
notifications Crashlytics notification option (true/false) true
debug Crashlytics debug option (true/false) false

* = default value is dependent on the user's system

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