Refer to Firebase App Distribution

Crashlytics Beta has been deprecated and replaced with Firebase App Distribution.
Beta will continue working until May 4, 2020.
Check out the Firebase App Distribution docs to get started.

Additionally, you can specify notes, emails, groups and notifications.
Distributing to Groups: When using the groups parameter, it's important to use the group alias names for each group you'd like to distribute to. A group's alias can be found in the web UI. If you're viewing the Beta page, you can open the groups dialog by clicking the 'Manage Groups' button.
This action uses the submit binary provided by the Crashlytics framework. If the binary is not found in its usual path, you'll need to specify the path manually by using the crashlytics_path option.

Supported platforms ios, android, mac
Author @KrauseFx, @pedrogimenez

3 Examples

# If you installed Crashlytics via CocoaPods
  crashlytics_path: "./Pods/Crashlytics/submit", # path to your Crashlytics submit binary.
  api_token: "...",
  build_secret: "...",
  ipa_path: "./app.ipa"
# If you installed Crashlytics via Carthage for iOS platform
  crashlytics_path: "./Carthage/Build/iOS/Crashlytics.framework/submit", # path to your Crashlytics submit binary.
  api_token: "...",
  build_secret: "...",
  ipa_path: "./app.ipa"


Key Description Default
ipa_path Path to your IPA file. Optional if you use the gym or xcodebuild action *
apk_path Path to your APK file *
crashlytics_path Path to the submit binary in the Crashlytics bundle (iOS) or crashlytics-devtools.jar file (Android)
api_token Crashlytics API Key
build_secret Crashlytics Build Secret
notes_path Path to the release notes
notes The release notes as string - uses :notes_path under the hood
groups The groups used for distribution, separated by commas
emails Pass email addresses of testers, separated by commas
notifications Crashlytics notification option (true/false) true
debug Crashlytics debug option (true/false) false

* = default value is dependent on the user's system


To show the documentation in your terminal, run

fastlane action crashlytics


It is recommended to add the above action into your Fastfile, however sometimes you might want to run one-offs. To do so, you can run the following command from your terminal

fastlane run crashlytics

To pass parameters, make use of the : symbol, for example

fastlane run crashlytics parameter1:"value1" parameter2:"value2"

It's important to note that the CLI supports primitive types like integers, floats, booleans, and strings. Arrays can be passed as a comma delimited string (e.g. param:"1,2,3"). Hashes are not currently supported.

It is recommended to add all fastlane actions you use to your Fastfile.

Source code

This action, just like the rest of fastlane, is fully open source, view the source code on GitHub

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